Project no.1 - Ethiopa

LOCATION: Ethopia, Kelecho Gerbi

COMPLETED: April 7, 2012

People with access to clean water:


We’re in the business of bringing clean water to the world. With every bottle you purchase. Vita will give 31 liters of safe water.

Type of Project:

  • 2 Water Points

The lack of access to safe water places a heavy burden on women & children. Water-related illnesses are widespread, resulting in a child mortality rate in Ethiopia that is among the highest in the world.

The burden of water collection falls to women and girls who spend hours every day collecting water from distant sources. In addition, they are expected to cook, collect firewood, tend fields, and care for the sick, many of whom are suffering from water and sanitation-related diseases. Time spent collecting water is time that could be spent participating in income-generating opportunities or, in the case of girls, attending school. 

Water Supply: Capped & Protected Springs, Drilled Wells, Piped Water
Projects use a capped and protected spring or a drilled well as the water source. Water is then pumped via miles of pipe to a storage tank and distributed by gravity to public water points. The water points are strategically located throughout the community to keep collection time under 15 minutes for all community members.