Project no.45 - Somalia


COMPLETED: April 19, 2017

People with access to safe water:


We’re in the business of bringing clean water to the world. With every bottle you purchase. Vita will give 31 liters of safe water.

Type of project:

  • BioSand Filter


Khadra Osman Salad is the one of pastoralist drop outs in Gumar village. Khadra is a widow with four children they lost 147 of 174 animals in the last 7 months due to a drought. Then she came to Gumar village in search of water and food for her children after 3 months in the Arooorgob mountains.

Khadra is one of the beneficiaries and she received the last two months cash relief and water from Wold concern. Khadra’s husband passed away 1 year before she relocated to Gumar village with her children. With the assistance from VIT’A Water and World Concern Khadra and her family now have food and access to clean water.  We also feeling dignified  because  it was the first time in my life  that I beg or to sent  my loved  children to beg others or eat food for relatives  thanks to  God thanks to World Concern for providing cash and clean water.