Water with a Conscience

The pH balance of your body is extremely important. In reality most people have too much acid in their bodies at the cellular level.  In most cases, the cells which are the site of metabolism are too acidic.  This predisposes us to many metabolic imbalances and diseases including cancer. The motivation for drinking alkaline water is that it will correct this important physiological imbalance. However, with so many selections of alkaline water to choose from, which is the right choice? Is there a difference between naturally alkaline and artificially alkaline? Yes there is a difference; naturally alkaline is produced by nature, while artificially alkaline is created.  If the water you drink is artificially alkaline, it is most often tap water with additives like baking soda. Another way companies create alkaline water is by using tap water that is put through an electrical machine; this machine runs the water over platinum and titanium plates. Companies that create alkaline water deceive consumers into believing that their water is somehow comparable to naturally alkaline water, but it’s not.  Additives and filters simply can’t produce alkaline water with the same mineral composition of alkaline water made by a natural spring.  Spring water passes over rocks in the earth and picks up various minerals; this is what affects the waters pH. It is important to note, that all not spring water is naturally alkaline. Naturally alkaline spring water found in nature must have a pH level greater than 7.0. VITÁ WATER natural spring source has a healthy pH around 7.8. It is naturally alkaline and perfect just as it is.

What is BPA?
According to the medical dictionary, Bispherol-A is an industrial chemical that is used in polycarbonate types of hard plastic bottles and as a protective lining in food and beverage cans. A possible link between BPA exposure and altered toddler behavior, miscarriage, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction, has led to BPA being banned in Canada, The European Union, China and 11 states in America.  Unfortunately, The FDA has yet to ban BPA citing lack of data. The side effects of BPA demonstrate that while quality water is important, the packaging is equally important. VITÁ WATER bottles are BPA Free to ensure that harmful contaminates that are in most plastic bottles, does not affect the quality of our water. Other water bottle companies claim they are healthy for you and even if the water is from an exotic location, it is not truly healthy when the bottle contains BPA.  VITÁ WATER truly cares about your health which is why we make the bottle BPA free.