The Privilege of Clean Water

Around the globe, nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water.  According to the United Nations, dirty water deaths are second only to cancer worldwide. This crisis has a negative impact on the equality, economics and the health of impoverished villages around the world. Sadly, the link between inequality and dirty water is not covered in our headline news.  Unfortunately, eighty percent of this crisis is a burden that falls on women and children because they are responsible for collecting the dirty water. They often hike miles and spend hours per day to fetch water that is mostly contaminated.  Such time consuming efforts impacts their ability to pursue opportunity and improve their lives. Therefore, the lack of clean water not only breeds inequality, but cripples economic development efforts.

In addition, dirty water devastates the health of those who are forced to consume it, tragically killing more than 3 million people a year. According to the United Nations, over half of the hospital beds around the world, are occupied with people suffering from waterborne illnesses. Still, there is good news; this devastating crisis is absolutely solvable. Furthermore, VITÁ WATER intends on being a part of that solution. By giving back in a measurable and sustainable method, VITÁ WATER has built 23 Safe water projects in the following countries: Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, India and Brazil. VITÁ WATER continually maintains each of the wells over its life capacity. Overall VITÁ wells will provide 165,000,000 liters of safe water to those in dire need. Each with approximate life capacity of 20 years; each project provides an average of 1,000 liters a day. This volume of clean water translates to over 8 million liters of safe water in just one year and 165 million over 20 years.  By choosing VITA for your everyday choice of water, you’ve help over 23,000 people have access to safe water for the next 20 years. With your support we will change the world through water.