The Truth is on the Label

As we begin another exciting new year, let us start by making healthy choices! This of course includes eating right, exercising, and yes, drinking more water. As you stand in the ever expanding water aisle in your local grocery store, you may be thinking, which bottled water should I choose? What’s the difference between VITÁ WATER and company B? Should I choose the chic imported bottle, the one advertised by my favorite celebrity, or the one with natural alkalinity? Which brand should you trust, the one owned by a conglomerate soda company or the one with bold highlighted marketing terms?  The truth is, the only way to obtain accurate information is by reading the ingredients on the label.  For most dubious brands, the lists of ingredients are hard to find and are written in extremely small print. It’s almost like they really don’t want you to know what they are selling. The good news is that all bottled water companies are required by law to list where the water actually comes from and what additives are added.  Simply stated, the truth is on the label!


Still, every day we see that companies are green washing, using celebrity endorsements, and clever marketing campaigns to mislead consumers. An example of this scheme is when a brand uses fancy terms like “reverse osmoses”, which is just purified water that is sourced with municipal water, aka “tap water”.  Companies are aware that no one would buy what flows freely out of their faucet, so they use clever wording to mislead you into thinking their water is special. After all, would you want to support the company that bottles tap water and pay a premium price for it? Yet another misleading strategy is advertising a healthy pitch by using terms like “enhanced,” which sound more valuable than the truth, which is that the company has “additives” in their water. A great question to ask yourself is, how healthy are these manufactured premium brands, and what are the long term side effects of these additives? Are the minerals organically sourced in the water or created in some lab?  Should there be any ingredients in our healthy option of water? We feel that it is important to state that VITÁ WATER is against all dishonest marketing tactics.  It is paramount that our customers know the truth about VITÁ WATER, and the truth is our only ingredient is water sourced from a protected spring in the Sierra Mountains. The electrolytes and alkalinity occur  naturally from minerals present in thespring water. Absolutely nothing added!