VITÁ Water started out with a simple idea,

what if an American bottled water company could solve the world’s water crisis simply by partnering with consumers over a better version of water they already buy?

We’re in the business of bringing healthy water to the world. For every bottle of water we sell, we provide 31 litres of safe water to those in dire need. By building wells and other safe water projects in communities around the world that need it most.

Because of VITÁ’s innovative business model we have been able to build the following wells, which provide clean water to those who would have otherwise had no access to clean water…and we’re only just beginning.


Eco Friendly

VITÁ water is truly invested in doing the right thing, at every level of our business. Our entire production from water source, bottling plant, warehouse and office is all within a 200 mile radius of each other.

We deliver premium mountain spring water to you in the most environmentally efficient way by leaving little or no impact on the planet. As a Certified Carbon Neutral Company, we have invested in reforestation projects through to off-set our entire company’s carbon foot-print.

Our Bottle

Our bottles are produced with safe resins and are 100% recyclable, BPA and Phthalates free. We are committed to using the most eco-friendly packaging available, and will continue to upgrade as the materials available prove themselves to be a better choice. Please recycle our bottles!


Our Founder

Born in Afghanistan; Shakira’s family relocated to the United States when she was a child, which provided her the kind of upbringing and education she never would’ve gotten otherwise.

Her drive to achieve the American Dream led her to complete a Masters in Business Administration and pursue on a career in finance. She spent several years in corporate banking and eventually founded a private mortgage company in residential and commercial lending.

“Having grown up with very little,” she explains, “I was convinced that ‘more’ would give me the happiness and fulfillment I longed for. As I reached my goals, I realized that my inner soul – the part of me with childhood memories growing up in a third world country – didn’t have much respect for this person who simply lived a comfortable life.”

This was the beginning of Shakira’s re-evaluation of her career and search for another purpose. Her search awoke her to the prevalence of dirty drinking water and its dramatic impact on the lives of so many people, especially women and children around the world. She realized with application of the right business model, this problem could be solved. That’s when she realized she had found her life’s mission. SALVARE LA VITÁ Water was born.

I believe we’re part of one global economy and I know business can change the world. I have invested my own life saving to start VITÁ Water to bridge our worlds with healthy and safe water.