But this is also a
story about safe water

We believe that everyone should have access to good & clean drinking water.




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According to UN, 80% of the world water crisis is a burden on women & children. The management rights of VITÁ Safe Water projects are given to the local women of the villages.

VITÁ Water includes safe water project as part of its operating expenses pre-sale and pre-profits. So far, we’ve built and maintained 40 clean water initiatives in 9 different countries.  These initiatives have produced enough water for over 40,000 people for 20 years.

VITÁ Water is invested in “good” at every level of business. As a carbon neutral company, we have invested in reforestaion projects to offset our entire company’s carbon footprint.

Our entire production proces – from water source, bottling plant, warehouse and office – is all within a 200 mile radius. Which means that we can deliver premium mountain spring water while leaving little to no impact on the planet